Shri Mani Ram Ji Aggarwal was himself a distinguished mathematician and he initially named his institute, "Modern Mathematical Institute". It was re-named S.N. Das Gupta College in 1938. Prof. Das Gupta had no administrative, financial or any other association with the college, except his benign presence on numerous occasions, specially during the annual functions of the College which were celebrated in March-April and September-October each year.

Shri Mani Ram Ji Aggarwal, through sheer hard work, perseverance and grit added a new chapter in the history of education in Lahore and a large number of students started thronging the College, not only for coaching for various competitive examinations but also for numerous academic classes.

In 1939, Shri N.N. Malhotra, who had just passed out of the University after his post-graduation in English Literature, joined Mani Ram Ji and their association lasted for about 30 years; Prof. Malhotra continued teaching in the College for further 22 years after the death of Principal Mani Ram Ji Aggarwal in 1969. Prof. Malhotra was in charge of the English Department and Shri Mani Ram Ji taught Mathematics. The strong combination of the two powerful personalities attracted a large number of students from different colleges in Lahore.

One of the old students of the College did give us a copy of the annual report of the College published in 1946 according to which the college had over 1100 students enroll during the year 1946-47 just before Independence. It has been long established tradition of the college to invite senior politicians, diplomats & bureaucrats to various college functions. According to our visitors book, Mr. Ramos minister of the Embassy of the Philippines visited the college in 1954. His son became President of the Philippines expressed a desire to visit our college.



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