National Institute Of Fashion Technology


The readymade garments have a market of approximately $900 Billion annually; India's share in this market is less than 1/2%. Our trading competitors like China, Thailand. Taiwan, Bangladesh, Mauritius, South Korea and many other countries have taken major strides in exporting readymade garments .We continue to be laggards because we have not succeeded in adopting the latest designs, stitching techniques and modernization which is so prevalent elsewhere in the world. A number of institutes are spread all over the country with the sole purpose of training students for the export market. Entry into the National Institute of Fashion Technology is after 10+2 exams, and also graduation.

The admission test is normally held in the month of February. The admission test, inter alia, comprises objective type questions in General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language. A special feature of the NIFT is a paper on creative ability. This test aims at finding out whether the candidates have the potential for designing new clothes and disposition which requires drawing and creative ability. The paper is of 100 marks. After a few years of private service one can even establish one's own business and the country abounds with the success stories of such entrepreneurs.

How many times haven’t you heard of a young enterprising person starting in a small way in the barsati of a house with 2 or3 tailors and after 10 to 15 years blossoming into a major garments exporter? National Institute of Design located in Ahmedebad conducts competition in December. A similar institute is likely to be inaugurated in New Delhi.

One requires sustained preparation for a number of months to get selected for the National Law School, Bangalore. The other prestigious schools are located in Jalandhar, Mohali & Ahmedabad. A number of Universities have recently commenced five year law courses. The Bar Council of India is also making a sincere endeavor to retain high level of coaching at the various Law Schools. In pursuit of this objective, the evening Law Colleges have been discontinued and law education in the universities proposed to be streamlined.

The preparation of material for National Law School needs an exceptional expertise on account of the multiplicity of subjects included in the admission test. The question paper of the National Law School, Bangalore consists of about 40 pages and a cursory reading of the booklet can take about 45 minutes.

What You Get

  • Study Material - Structured and constantly updated study material and assignments on each subject based on analysis of previous test papers.
  • Competent & dedicated staff with over 25 year’s expertise.
  • Better Assimilation - Use of latest training aids (computers and LCD Projectors) .
  • Mock and Simulated Test – We have developed rigorous testing program that encourages students to benchmark their performance and work out exam strategies.



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