The College owes its origin to the vision and deep insight of late Shri Mani Ram Ji Aggarwal who conceptualized the institution at the age of 19 at Lahore in 1931.He surveyed and assessed the then environment and concluded that there was a pressing need for a Centre where aspiring candidates could be trained and groomed for careers through various competitive examinations. Prior to independence openings for the Indians were limited and the young hopefuls could only opt for careers in Defence Services, The Indian State Railway Service (presently Special Class Railway Apprentices) and Diploma Courses in Engineering.

A photograph of the College in 1936-1937 in this framework is indicative of the dynamism, drive and initiative of late Shri Mani Ram Ji. At the age of 24 he had the foresight of organizing a group photograph of the College along with his guru, guide and mentor Prof. S.N. Das Gupta. Shri Mani Ram Ji was a favourite student of Prof. S.N. Das Gupta who taught mathematics in Forman Christian College, Lahore. The two had developed a close rapport which lasted till 1948 when Prof. S.N. Das Gupta expired in Shimla. Prof. Das Gupta had joined F.C. College in 1902 when Swami Ram Tirath who was teaching mathematics there, opted for sanyas. Prof. Das Gupta earned a distinct reputation for himself in F.C. College; one of his students Late Dr. K.N. Katju (Father of the Supreme Court Juge Mr. Markandey Katju) who was India's Defence Minister in 1950s, respectfully recalled that the students used to touch Prof. Gupta's feet in 1903 when he was only about 28 years of age.

Yesterday & Today

Late Mr. Mani Ram rightly analysed the contents of the competitive exams and seeing the existing vacuum, this devoted educationist and pioneer in the field of private coaching, conceived the possibility of establishing a centre specifically meant for this purpose; the objective achieved in 1931 at Lahore.

The College has been active in the field of coaching for the university and competitive exams, right from its inception. Over 1,50,000 students have passed thought its portals. Our untiring efforts during the last 75 years, have resulted in carving a special niche and earning an enviable reputation, the retention of which remains a sustained challenge. Our record is nonpareil and the wealth of experience primarily gained through our interaction with the candidates, sustains our passion for the pursuit of excellence. Our approach is futuristic though the institute as such is a blend of academic virtues, ethical standards and moral values, which remain a distant dream for others.

The College has been catering to the academic and competitive requirements of virtually all the important examinations held by the UPSC (Civil Services, Indian Forest & Engg. Service, NDA, CDS, OTA), State Civil Services, SSC (Graduate Level & Matric Level), Public Sector Undertakings (GIC, LIC), and Banks (RBI, SBI & others). We were the first to commence coaching for IAS (1948), for Asst. Grade (1945), Bank (POs) 1965 and Inspectors (1972). With the advent of 1980's we entered a second significant phase by commencing coaching for the weaker sections of society. The College further added to its stature when it became the first institute at national level to be approved by the Govt. of India in April 1994 for imparting coaching to the OBC's and Minority candidates under the new scheme. The first course for the Civil Services for the weaker sections was inaugurated by the then Minister of State, Ministry of Welfare Shri K.V. Thangkabalu. The inaugural function, among others, was attended by Shri Sushil Shinde former Home Minister and a few MP's including Syed Shahab Uddin.

The College rightfully and proudly claims a notable roll of honour during its history of over seven decades. The names include governors, ministers, generals and a number of others who have distinguished themselves in business, politics, sports, arts, culture and journalism.



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