One can appear for CDS Exam, when he/she is appearing for 3 rd year of Graduation. Both Male and Female can apply for CDS Exam. Female candidates can only apply for Short Service Commission i.e. OTA. CDS Exam has three papers i.e. English, GK & Maths for Permanent Commission i.e. IMA, AF & NA and two i.e. English & GK for candidates applying for Short Service Commission i.e. OTA. Candidates with Arts/Commerce background are eligible for ARMY only.

The CDS Written Examination is conducted by UPSC twice every year for graduates to fill the vacancies of the following institutions of the Indian Armed Forces.

  • Indian Military Academy (IMA) - Dehradun
  • Indian Naval Academy - Ezhimala
  • Air Force Academy -Hyderabad
  • Officers Training Academy (OTA) - Chennai (For both Men and Women).

How to apply CDS/OTA Examination?

The Notification for the CDS written exam is issued in the months of November and July. UPSC holds the exam in the months of Feb and October.

Students can apply for the CDS written examination online only on UPSC website

S.N Das Gupta College provides a Comprehensive One Month (180 hours) and two months (340 Hours) written coaching and has achieved the best success rate.


All three papers of the CDS written exam are held on the same day and the duration of each paper is two hours. The papers of CDS written exam are of 100 marks each and the total of the CDS written exam is of 300 marks. Most students lack mental physical stamina to sit for almost 8 Hours. So, build it up and be prepared for long hours.

CDS Mathematics - 100Marks

The standard of Mathematics paper will be of Matriculation level. Total 100 questions. Therefore, a student gets about a minute plus to solve each question. It is essential for candidate to practice shortcut techniques, At S.N Das Gupta College all possible short cuts are taught and practiced in detail.

General Knowledge - 100Marks

The syllabus for the General Knowledge paper is very vast and generic. Analyzing the past years papers would help or else, you may focus on unnecessary, bulky details that are difficult to comprehend and remember. For example, in History one needs to drastically cut down effort on Ancient and Medieval History. The S.N Das Gupta College, provide students with Sample Paper and recent Current Affairs Notes prior to the Exam Day.

English - 100Marks

The English paper is often ignored by candidates who speak reasonably good English. They however, forget that spoken English is quite different from the Pure Application of Correct Grammar in Objective Type Questions. Those candidates who revise and practice the Basic English Grammar sufficiently can secure almost 100% marks in the grammar section, which is almost 70% of the paper. UPSC gets innovative and at times asks you to identify the wrong statements too. So be prepared for surprises.

The remaining 30% paper comprises Comprehensions, Antonyms, Synonyms, Analogy. The candidates usually spend a lot of time on this section. It is very difficult to mug up Antonyms and Synonyms; this is something that one builds over a period of time. At S.N Das Gupta College we teach you some innovative techniques to solve your paper in a short span of time.


UPSC declares the result of CDS/OTA written exam in 3-4 months after the written exam. The same can be viewed on the UPSC website ( ) . Being a competitive exam and there is no fixed cut off percentage for passing. Candidates who perform better are sent the call letters for SSB interviews. The final merit list is prepared after the SSB interviews final result and displayed on the UPSC website. Joining instructions are sent to students based on vacancies available as per the merit lis

Fee Structure

CDS Rs.18,500 19-24 yrs. Graduation, any stream  
OTA Rs.14,950 19-24yrs. Graduation No Maths.

“Special concession in tuition fee for wards of Defense Personnel, NCC Cadets, Military/Sainik School students and wards of farmers.”

What You Get

  • Study Material - Structured and constantly updated study material and assignments on each subject based on analysis of previous test papers.
  • Competent & dedicated staff with over 25 year’s expertise.
  • Better Assimilation - Use of latest training aids (computers and LCD Projectors) .
  • Mock and Simulated Test “ We have developed rigorous testing program that encourages students to benchmark their performance and work out exam strategies.



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