Delhi University was amongst the first to offer courses in the Bachelor of Business Studies. A course in the BBS will get a candidate a job of about Rs. 25000/- to 50,000/- p.m. The best option is to go in for MBA after BBS so that one gets more attractive offers. Graduates from FMS and other prestigious Business Schools are offered a pay packet of Rs. 10 lakh to 15 lakh per annum. Where else, can one get such a bright start at the age of 23? A number of other Universities in the country have introduced courses for BBS, BBA and the candidates should be on the lookout for these.

The syllabus for the BBS is no different from the one for Hotel Management, except that questions on elementary science are not asked. We would like to strongly advise the students that it is not always possible to get admission to the most prestigious and elitist university for various courses. In the ultimate analysis, your own personality, caliber and deportment will count and you can neutralize adverse effect of failing in getting admission to prestigious institutions.

Fee Structure

BBA Rs.15,000 16-19 yrs 10+2 pass 6-8 weeks class

“Special concession in tuition fee for wards of Defense Personnel, NCC Cadets, Military/Sainik School students and wards of farmers.”

What You Get

  • Study Material - Structured and constantly updated study material and assignments on each subject based on analysis of previous test papers.
  • Competent & dedicated staff with over 25 year’s expertise.
  • Better Assimilation - Use of latest training aids (computers and LCD Projectors) .
  • Mock and Simulated Test “ We have developed rigorous testing program that encourages students to benchmark their performance and work out exam strategies.



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