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S.N. Das Gupta College leader in India for Bank PO/Clerk Exams preparation.

The course has been prepared based on our, successfully training thousands of students for Bank PO and other Entrance exams. The well-researched course material ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, with solved examples, short-cuts and strategies for improvement of performance. The basic concepts taught in the classroom sessions, cover various test areas, which will ensure that you derive the maximum benefits from the programmer. You are given a lot of practice tests, on different topics, covering all the test areas.

Our study material and test papers are prepared after carefully researching test papers of previous years, ensuring that you get the best and most relevant course material. This is also revised and updated over time to ensure that you get material that accurately reflects the latest paper pattern. Our course material is widely acknowledged by students as the most exhaustive and update in the market.

Course Content :

The course enables the students to learn at a pace that is convenient to them. The material is comprehensive and developed with great care to ensure phased learning. Every module has been developed keeping in mind the various patterns and question types that have appeared over several years. Developed by experts, the study material coherently helps the student develop the skills required in different areas. The large number of practice exercises creates test conditions and also provides vital practice. These exercises are supplemented by detailed explanations.


Interview Classes for Bank Clericals :

S.N. Das Gupta College being the oldest institution of its type in the country having been established in 1931 in Lahore, has been coaching candidates for various interviews for well over 85 years.  The coaching for Bank P.Os and Clericals has been the specialty of the college since 1961 when Bank PO and 1970’s when Bank Clerical competitive exams were first introduced.  The coaching for interview is vital for candidates seeking final selection.  It has been observed that some brilliant students have scored 95% in interview and in the process clinched a top slot for themselves in final selection.  The marks in written can never exceed a particular limit especially now-a-days when written papers are getting very difficult to score.  In some of the competitive exams conducted by UPSC one can score 40% and get selected.  In this format, interview remains of great significance.  During the course of interview, personality of the candidate is under view. 

The personality is not developed in a day.  It is an evolutionary process.  The candidate has to keep on acquiring various assets over a long period of time.  However, we at S.N. Das Gupta College make sincere efforts to introduce you to the essentials of personality development in a short period so that you can compete with others who have had a better run during their school and college studies. 


Interview Classes for Bank Clericals :

Earlier, late Prof. S.P. Sahni was a stalwart in coaching for the banks.  He had been coaching in our college from 1954 to 2004.  His demise was a great setback because the candidates during 1980-90’s thronged to him to seek his knowledge and set their feet for long hours – he would coach sometimes for hours without looking at the watch.  We have now the advantage of having a peer to Prof. Sahni, Prof. M.L. Sondhi who was a student of our college from 1974 for Bank PO and recently retired from the senior capacity from the State Bank of India.  He will coach you on the various nuances and all the terms associated with banking specially finance, CRR, fiscal deficit etc. 

Principal Krishan Mohan, who is also an ex-civil service officer, will also conduct classes.  He has pushed forward the careers of hundreds of banking Pos and IAS aspirants.  Reita Bhatnagar one of the old students was selected in State Bank of India in 1974 and Neerja Aggarwal was selected in 1974 states a stream of officers having been selected in various banks and civil services.  You can be rest assured that a stint of 5-6 days in our institution will help you achieve your target. 



Certain common mistakes of the candidates:

  • Not closing the door properly behind them when they enter and when they leave. Be sure you do so.
  • Leaning on the table. Do not do so.
  • Scratching your fingers or biting your nails.
  • Fidgeting. Sit quietly.
  • Not listening to questions properly. Be sure you do so.
  • Staring at the forms on the table.
  • Being in too great a hurry to answer; collect your thoughts first and then answer.
  • Talking in an extremely uneven voice, talk in a uniform pitch.>
  • Repeating the question before answering them. Do not do the same.
  • Sitting quiet when one does not know the answer. Do not do it. Be honest and say, I do not know, Sir but do not give the impression that you are too late.


Appearance counts for a good deal
Appearance counts for a good deal with interviewers, and knowledge that you are suitably dressed improves your own morale.  Wear the sort of clothes you normally wear, your best suit or dress by all means, but not a stiff collar or very high heels if you are not accustomed to wearing them.  It does not matter if your clothes or shoes are a bit worn out, so long as they are scrupulously clean and tidy.  Pay attention to hands and hair.


Reach the venue in time
Make certain you know where you have to go and whom you have to see.  Be on time, and get to the interview without rushing.  You will probably be kept waiting.  This is not a pleasant experience, so take with you something with which you can occupy yourself – a book or a magazine, for example.


Enter the Room quietly
When you are called into the room, go in at your normal pace and close the door carefully behind you.  Pause before sitting down, so as to give the interviewer a chance to invite you to do so or to greet you.  Leave the interviewer to make the first move but be responsive when he does. 


Be natural during the interview

Be natural by all man’s make the best of yourself, drawing attention to your good qualities and achievements and not saying too much about your weaknesses and failures (though there is no harm in admitting you made a mistake, provided you show that you learned from it) but do not put on an act and pretend to be a different sort of person.  If you adopt the pose of being confident when you are really a little on the nervous side, or of knowing all about something that you know very little about, the odds are ten to one that the interviewer of the Board will see through your pose and think less of you for it.



Fee Structure

Bank P.O./IBPS Rs.14,500 19-25 yrs. Graduation 201+ hours coaching
Bank (Clerk) Rs.13,500 19-25 yrs. Graduation 201+ hours coaching
Bank P.O/IPS Interview Rs.4000   After Selection 1 week

Special concession in tuition fee for wards of Defense Personnel, NCC Cadets, Military/Sainik School students and wards of farmers.


What You Get

  • Study Material - Structured and constantly updated study material and assignments on each subject based on analysis of previous test papers.
  • Competent & dedicated staff with over 25 year’s expertise.
  • Better Assimilation - Use of latest training aids (computers and LCD Projectors) .
  • Mock and Simulated Test – We have developed rigorous testing program that encourages students to benchmark their performance and work out exam strategies.



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