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It would have been difficult to retain the extraordinary popularity of the college for a period of 75 years if it had not produced excellent results from the very outset in the various competitive examinations. For instance, over three lakh students used to appear ten years ago for the Civil Services and only 400 were finally selected. We coach on an average 250 to 300 candidates and 30 to 35 of them are selected every year. At times, we also have had 65 to 70 successes in the Civil Services. Our results speak for themselves and that explains our being the first institution to have been recognised by the Ministry of Welfare for coaching of the SC/ST/OBCs/Minorities candidates for various competitive examinations since 1980.

S.N. Das Gupta College rightfully claims a notable Roll of Honour resulting from its sustained achievements during the last 84 years. Our ex-students have distinguished themselves in government services, politics, business, sports, art, culture and journalism, etc. The names, include Ministers, Governors and Secretaries to the Government, Ambassadors, Business magnates and Industrialists.


  • In March 1993, the Ministry of Welfare handpicked our institution for coaching SC/ST candidates for the Civil Services, National Defence Academy, Management Institutes, Reserve Bank of India Grade ‘A’ and ‘B’ and a number of other competitive exams.
  • In 1994, the Government of India introduced reservation for the other backward classes and minorities and immediately the Ministry of Welfare approached S.N. Das Gupta College to coach these candidates for the following competitive exams:
    • Civil Services
    • Bank Probationary Officers
    • Competitions conducted by the Staff Selection Commission for the Assistant Grade, Inspectors-Income tax, Excise and Customs, Clerks and for admission to Engineering & medical Colleges, Hotel Management and other competitions open to 10+2 students.
  • The college has so far coached approximately 1500 SC/ST, OBC and Minority candidates for the Civil Services, Bank Probationary officers and the competitions conducted by the Staff Selection Commission.
  • The State of Gujarat had requested the college to coach its Candidates for the Civil Services examination in 1967, when H. Desai, one of its sponsored candidates was selected for the IAS.
  • In the same year the Jammu & Kashmir Government started sending its candidates for coaching for the Civil services.
  • The Government of West Bengal in 1997 had sponsored candidates belonging to the Darjeeling Hill Council for the Civil Services.
  • The Government of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Jammu & Kashmir have been deputing their candidates to S.N. Das Gupta College for coaching for the Civil Services Examination.
  • The Government of NCR, Delhi has also sponsored SC/ST candidates for various competitive examinations including engineering and Medical.
  • The Governments of the following countries have, in the recent past extended invitations to the principal Shri K. Mohan; West Germany in 1975, U.K. in 1977, Belgium in 1977, Poland in 1983, Japan and South Korea in 1985, Peoples Republic of China in 1991, Federal Republic of Germany in 1993, Switzerland in 1993, Slovakia in 1994, Republic of Korea in 1998, Finland and Estonia in 2000, Peoples Republic of China again in 2003. Most of these countries invite only a handful of Indians every year.



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